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The Vasal Group has been successfully running business entities in the field of Brick Kilns, hospitality, real estates, medical, education and construction. SK Brick Kiln Industries, Punjab and Himachal, provides employment to people in rural areas where agriculture is not enough to sustain. This is one of the north India’s largest brick kiln industry. Continuing on the philosophy of serving the community, the Vasal Educational Group was formed to transform the educational environment in the region. Vasal educational Group is catering to 10,500+ students in its 6 schools.

Our Brands: Vasal Educational Group, Hotel Sarovar Portico Jalandhar, Vasal Hospital, Shivam Hospital, SK Brick Kiln, Tirupati Infrastrucutre, Vasal Builders.

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Board of Directors

Sh.K K Vasal


Mr.S K Vasal


Dr.R K Vasal

Vice President

Mrs. Ena Vasal


Mr.Raghav Vasal


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